About EphremTube

About this Site

This site is created for all Ethiopians & Non Ethiopians to share the History and Culture of the greatest indipendant green land Ethiopia.

We also believe that it will also helps the ethiopian artists to promote their work in the digital world and increase their profitablity at the same time.

Some information and features on this webpage have been compiled from a variety of sources, & we are subject to change it at any time without notice.

Resources :

  • - History, culture & religion of Ethiopia
  • - Ethiopian traditional, comedy, instrumental, wedding video & mp3 songs
  • - Dramas and movies
  • - Documentary videos & TV shows
  • - Naration, Interviewes and much more

In addition to this, we have included the best freeware softwares which are available for download. All of the free software's tittles are organized in to categories according to the type of softwares.It has also containd links to sites with similar softwares that may meet your specific needs.

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