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Culture of Ethiopia-የኢትዮጵያ ባህል

Ethiopian Culture reflecting the ethnic diversity of the country.In Ethiopian Culture it is customary to rise up out of one's seat or give up one's bed for an older friend or family member.Not to do so is a sign of being balage( rude)


Traditional cloths in Ethiopia are made from Cloth called Shemma and used to make ''Habesha lebes''.it is

from cotton

Ethiopian Traditional Cloth


Ethiopian Cusin is from various kinds of vegetables or meat side dishes and entrees.Ethiopian Traditional food does not use any pork ( it is forbidden).Ethiopian orthodox religion belivers observes '' fasts'', during this time food is prepared without any meat or dairy products.The most common traditional food in Ethiopia is Enjera with Doro Wot which is prepared from chicken stew with boiled eggs.

Ethiopian Traditional Food
Ethiopian Traditional food- DoroWot

Holidays - በአላት

Date Name Remarks
September 11 Ethiopian New year ( Inqutatash)  
September 27 Finding of the True Cross ( Mesqel)  
October 24 End of the holy month of Ramadan ( Id al_fitr) Varies
January 7 Christmass ( Gena or Lidet)  
January 10 Fest of the Sacrifice (Id al_adha) varies
January 19 Fest of Epiphany ( Timket )  
March 2 Adwa Day  
April 11 Birth day of propheMuhammed ( Mewlid an Nabi) Varies
April 21 Orthodox Good fryday ( Siqlet) crucification varies
April 23 Orthodox Easter ( Fasika) varies
April 24 Easter monday -public holyday  
May 1 Internatioanl Workers day( ye wezaderoch Qen)  
May 5 Patriots' Day ( Arbegnoch Qen)  
May28 National Day Downfall of Dereg Regim
August18 Buhe  
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