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About Ethiopian music...

The greatest indipendant country Ethiopia has a wonderful and rich musical history and the music is divers with Ethiopia's ethinc groups with unique sound.

Different tribes of ethiopia have their own muscical tradition and culture.

- Tigrayan tribe's dance style is circular.

- Amhara tribe's dance style is moving upper body and neck.

- Oromo tribe's dance style is jumping up and body dance routine.

- Gurage''s dance style is acrobatic .

Azmari : has double meaing known as 'Semmna' and 'Worq" - its meaning is the secret of the message and literal.

Traditional : Ethiopian traditional music uses masinqo,kirar and washint.

Contents ...

More than 4000 Ethiopian old and new musics in 282 folders can be found in this site . All music files have been catagorized by artist's name and it has included :

- Amharic, Oromifaa, Guragigna, Tigrigna and Instrumental audio mp3 musics

- Naration, interviews, poems, comedy ETC ( በተጨማሪም ልብዎለድ ትረካዎች ፣ ግጥሞች ፣ ቃለመጠይቆች ፣ ቀልዶች ተካተዋል)

How to use the music player ?

It is very easy to use and let us show you how:

- Use the "+" sign to open the album and " Eject " sign to go back to the main listed album folder.

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