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Ethiopian radio : There are several radio stations in Ethiopia but Ethio FM  Live Radio is the most  popular radio channel in Ethiopia. Sheger 102.1 FM is also one of the most popular and  independent radio station  broadcasting of  news and music.

List of the most popular radio stations are :

  • - Sheger FM 102.1. FM 102.1
  • - Bisrat 101.1FM. FM 101.1
  • - Zami 90.7 FM. FM 90.7
  • - Tsega FM..
  • - Radio Xoriyo
  • - Bisrat 101.1FM. FM 101.1
  • - Kaliti Press. FM 102.1
  • - FBC - Fana FM Radio. FM 98.1
  • - ERTA National Radio

- You can get the best Live Ethiopian FM Radio stations on this website..

- Check online Live Television streams

Ethiopian Radio

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