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Copyright Policy

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Overview of Copyright Laws and Regulations

All content on this website, including texts, pictures, music, and videos, is copyrighted. Let us admire and respect the work of our Ethiopian artists, as it is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.

EhremTube.com does not knowingly violate the rights of any copyright holders. If you see or find content such as texts, images, videos, or audio files that you own on this website, we encourage you to demonstrate enough evidence of ownership and contact us so that we will automatically remove it within 72 hours without any conditions.

*** Our HTML5 MP3 player provides copyright protection features against any kind of illegal download and distribution. In this case, users can only listen to songs.

*** Most videos (not all) are directly from the largest video sharing sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo. It has nothing to do with our server.

Let us contribute and support our Ethiopian artists both morally and financially by buying their original products of their hard work, which helps them come up with new work.

To purchase their original CDs and DVDs online, please check the following links:


Copyright holders are always encouraged to contact us for removal of their property or other purposes.
E-Mail: contact@ephremtube.com