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Show Las Vegas Special - Season 10 Episode 05 - TechTalk With Solomon - [Part 4 Final] | Talk Show

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Here is the final (Part 4) from my special show in Las Vegas. I did the final part from my studio reviewing the 10 BEST INNOVATIONS from CES 2017 - The slimmest best TV, a trash can that converts food waste to a fertilizer, best computer, best smartphone, smart bed, a self-balancing motorcycle, smart glass and more. I will also present some more shows from my vegas trip. Enjoy!
ባለፉት 3 ተከታታይ ሳምንታት ከላስ ቬጋስ ሆኜ ያቀርብኩላችሁን ለየት ያሉ ፕሮግራሞች እንደወደዳችኋቸው ተስፋ አደርጋለሁ። በዚህ የላስ ቬጋሽ ፕሮግራም መዝጊያ ደግሞ ከዚያ ከተመለስኩ በኋላ ግዜ ወስጄ በተለያዩ የቴክኖሎጂ ተንታኞችና በኔም ሙያዊ እይታ የትዕይንቱን 10 ምርጥ ፈጠራዎች አስቃኛችኋለሁ። እንዲሁም ከዛው ሆኜ የቃኘኋቸውን ጥቂት ተጨማሪ ፈጠራዎች አሳያችኋለሁ። እነሆ!!


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