Show Las Vegas Special Season 10 Episode 02 - TechTalk With Solomon 2017 [Part 1] | Talk Show


Here is Part 1 of my special show from Las Vegas. I did the show right from the venue of Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the #1 tech innovation show in the world with 4,000 companies showing off their cool stuff. About 150,000 attendees, of which 30,000 are media people were present at the event.
በላስ ቬጋስ ከተማ በተካሄደውና በዓለም ላይ 1ኛ ከሆነው የቴክኖሎጂ ፈጠራ የትዕይንት ስፍራ ሆኜ ያዘጋጀሁት የመጀመሪያ ክፍል ፕሮግራም እነሆ!!

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