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How to Love Your Job

If you are feeling the stress of your job, or just not loving it any more, then it is time to make a change. This does not necessarily mean changing your job altogether. You may be in your chosen career, but simply in a rut that you cannot seem to get out of. If learning how to love your job again will lift you out of the depths of monotony, consider the following steps.

1,Work toward career growth.
 If you are not already familiar with the various avenues toward promotion, meet with your boss and ask him if there are positions further up the ladder for which you could strive toward. If there are not, then ask for additional responsibilities and challenges. You could also learn new methods and skills in your current capacity that can add a fresh approach to your jo

2,Look for the challenge in your career. Don't lose yourself in the everyday monotony of your job. Open your eyes again to what you do and find new ways of approaching it so that it becomes new and exciting. This could mean reinventing yourself so that you approach your usual tasks in a new light.

3,Analyze your day and determine what tasks you enjoy and which ones you don't.
 Then find ways to make those unpleasant tasks more enjoyable.

4,Find the value in what you do.
 Recognize that everyone plays an important role in their position. Find out what yours is and be proud of what you do.read more 


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