Mysterious of our Facebook Page Disappearance

Hi  all.

It is going to  be more than 1 week since our facebook page disappeared  and we know that it is hard time for all of us.We have also received too many messages in our mail box and thanks for your concern .

Facebook terminated our Fan page with 4524 Likes without warning and notification.Facebook is unreachable company with NO Telephone number, NO  e-mail - Nothing..How such kind of big company do mistakes on their beloved customers without explaining you enough evidence? '' This is like execution without trial'' 

Why are so many of us investing and spending our great deal of time , energy and resources in a company that is so unresponsive and Unresponsible ?????? I do not realy have the answer now . I think we all need to figure out which tools are effective and reliable.This could happen to all of you and you should take precaution and think about it.
We are too many with such kind of problem and planning to do press release and going to public in large scale . we all love facebook since ever but such kind of situation disturbs our feeling .It is very hard to ignore facebook because we have been using this tool in a good way for the past few years and we would like to thank Mark Zuckerberg and his team for giving us such kind of great tool . Even though,they should improve their customer service as much as possible.
We all Hope Facebook will investigate their secret policy and improve their customer service and get restored our page as soon as possible.

Here is our situation which is in public  :  

If you are willing to help us , Please spread this news to the world .

Thank you,

E. Team

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