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1. Dallol is the hottest inhabited area on Earth, and has one of the most unearthly sceneries on the planet, due to its acidic hot springs, sulphur, salt, iron oxide, and other minerals, small gas geysers and pools of acid.
2. The ancient rock-hewn churches of Tigray were built between 4th and 15th century.
3. Three days hiking in the Simien Mountains, known for some of the best treks in Africa.
4. The 11 medieval monolithic cave churches were built or rather carved from the rock by king Lalibela in the 13th-century as a 'New Jerusalem'.
5. Emperor Fasilidas established Gondar as a capital of Ethiopia in 1636. The castles, palaces and churches from the period are now UNESCO World Heritage Site.
6. Erta Ale is active volcano in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia. It has the most impressive and the longest existing lava lake in the worl
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