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Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center: Experience Ethiopia in One Place

Birehan Cultural Center PLC Ethiopia has been promoting Ethiopian culture across the world for over two decades. Located in Addis Ababa a visit to Birehan Ethiopia is a visit to the whole of Ethiopia, where guests are treated to cultural sites and creations, along with ceremonial presentations for guests of all ages.

The Other Face of Ethiopia (TOFOE) founded the Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center in 2004 as part of its continued efforts to promote Ethiopian culture. It was established in order to introduce, preserve, and display the rich and diverse history and culture of Ethiopia to the world. The center aims to show the beauty of all the various ethnic groups which make up the Ethiopian identity, while also looking at Ethiopia’s past and present in order to build a better future for the country. For 27 years, TOFOE has been working to promote Ethiopian culture around the world, conducting cultural seminars, fashion shows, artifact displays, theater productions, musical performances, and ceremonies focusing on sharing culinary delicacies

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