Chairman of the Derg and Head of State of Ethiopia, Mengistu Haile Mariam | CNN:


A CNN news documentary from the late 1980s about the puppet Soviet Communist Dictatorship of Ethiopia, the Derg, and their wars and campaigns of genocide.

The Derg, which came to power through a coup of Ethiopia's ancient monarchy in 1974, was armed by the Soviets and Cuba. At the time, Ethiopia had the largest army in Africa. 1.6 million died under their rule from 1974-1991 from famine, war, and the "Red Terror" in which dissidents, alleged capitalists, and other enemies were executed, shot, tortured, imprisoned and sent to gulags/concentration camps.

A popular slogan was, "Everything to the war front."

The Derg movement would be removed in 1991 by by the Eritrean resistance, which fought against the Derg's brutal campaigns of genocide in Eritrea, and their Ethiopian allies in the north.

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