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  • List of top television networks in Ethiopia

    የቴሌቪዥን ቻናሎች 

    ★ኢትዮጵያዊ/ሀገር ውስጥ /

    ☞Kana Tv (12226 H 27500)ው
    ☞ EBS (11595 v 27500)
    ☞ Nahoo (11595 v 27500)
    ☞ Jtv Ethiopia (11595 v 27500)
    ☞ arts (12521v 27500)
    ☞ Addis Tv (11641 H 27500)
    ☞ Etv zena HD (10578 V 27500)
    ☞ Etv mezinagna (12645 V 27500)
    ☞ Tigrai TV SD (12645 V 27500)
    ☞ South TV HD (12645 V 27500)
    ☞ Amhara TV HD (12645 V 27500)
    ☞ House of people representative TV SD (11521 V 27500)
    ☞ ETV language TV (11555 V 27500)
    ☞ Bisrat TV (12645 V 27500)
    ☞ Asham TV (11521 V 27500)
    ☞ Amhara Tv SD (12341 H 27500)
    ☞ Southern tv SD (11258 H 27500)
    ☞ LTV (10727 H 27500)
    ☞ Tigray Tv (10727 H 27500)
    ☞ Oromia Tv (12380 H 27500)
    ☞ VOA (12399 v 27500)
    ☞ Walta tv (10892 H 27500)
    ☞ EBN (12604 v 27500) ለጊዜው ቆሟል
    ☞ ES Tv (11219 H 27500)
    ☞ Ethiopia Test (11603 H 27500)
    ☞ Eritrea (11747 v 27500)
    ☞ DW A2 (11900 v 27500)ዶቼዌሌ Radio
    ☞ Radio FER(11012H27500)Radio
    ☞ AMBO (12604 H 27500)Radio
    እንዲሁም አብዛኛዎቹ ቻናሎች ማለትም( EBS,Amhara tv, Addis Tv, southern Tv,Oromia Tv, ES Tv,Tigray Tv , Walta Tv በአንድ ፍሪኩየንሲ በHD ሪሲቨር ብቻ ተጠቃልለው በጥተዋል፡፡) (freq 11513 V 30000)

    ★➋የፊልም ቻናሎች

    ☞ Horror tv (10873 v 27500)
    ☞ HD cinema (11603 H 27500)
    ☞ All MBC (11471 V 27500)
    ☞ Zee aflam (11938 v 27500)
    ☞ Dubai one (11785 v27500)
    ☞ Zee alwan (12418 H 27500)
    ☞ Imagine movies (12360 v 27500)
    ☞ KTV CH2 (11678 v 27500)
    ☞ B4U Aflam (12418 H 27500)
    ☞ B4U plus (12418 H 27500)

    ★➌ናሽናል ጅኦግራፊና ዶክመንተሪ

    ☞ AD Nat Geo(12226 H 27500)or(12476 H HD)
    ☞ Quest Arabia(11785 v 27500)Engl
    ☞ Al jezeera Docu.(10971v 27500) or(12521 H HD)

    ★➍የአረብ ስፖርት ቻናሎች

    ☞ bein sport News HD(12245 V 27500)
    ☞ bein sport HD (12245 v 27500)
    ☞ Ad sport 1&2(12226 H
    27500)or(12476 H HD)
    ☞ Dubai sport 1 (11785 v 27500)
    ☞ Dubai sport 4 (12226 H 27500)
    ☞ YAS Sport HD(12476 H 27500)
    ☞ KTV sports (11678 v 27500)

    ★➎የዜና ቻናሎች

    ☞ CNN (12226 H 27500)
    ☞ BBCW ( 11766 H 27500)
    ☞ Al jezeera (10971 V 27500) or (12521 H HD)
    ☞ CCtv9 (12015 H 27500)
    ☞ Euro news ( 12015 H 27500)
    ☞ France 24 ( 11977 V 27500)
    ☞ Press tv ( 11823 V 27500) or (11641 H HD)
    ☞ TRT World HD (10971 H 27500)

    ★➏የሙዚቃ ቻናሎች

    ☞ free tv (1900 V 27500)
    ☞ Fm (12303 H 27500)

    ★➐የwrestling ቻናሎች

    ☞Ø Almosare3 (11258 H 27500)
    ☞Ø Halaba tv (11258 H27500)

    ★➑መንፈሳዊ ቻናሎች

    ☞ Africa tv1 ( 12687 v 27500)
    ☞ saudi ch for Q (12149 H 27500)
    ☞ Huda ( 11747 v 27500)
    ☞ Mecca (12399 v 27500)
    ☞ zawya tv (11640 V 27500)

    የኦርቶዶክስ ተዋህዶ
    ☞ EO C (11353 v 27500)የኢትዮጵ
    ☞Aghapy v (10815 H 27500)የግብፅ

    ☞ Cj tv (10815 H 27500)
    ☞ WWTV (11096 H 27500) ቆሟል
    ☞ El shadai (10815 H 27500)
    ☞ Elohi TV (11096 H 27500)
    ☞ Ghion TV NET(11096 H27500)ቆሟል
    ☞ Jesus Wonderful Tv(11096 H 27500)
    ☞ Jesus Tv (10815 H 27500)
    ☞ presence Tv ch(11096 H 27500)
    ☞ Bethel tv (10892 H 27500) ቆሟል
    ☞ Holy TV (10892 H 27500)
    ☞ Holly spirit (11096H 27500)
    ☞ Arara TV ( 11096 H 27500)
    ☞ MOA TV (11096 H 27500)
    ☞ GMM (10815 H 27500)
    ☞ sign &miracle (11096 H27500)
    ☞ mar-cil (10815 H 27500)
    ☞ Revival (11595 V 27500)
    ☞ Christ Army Tv(10815 H 27500)
    ☞ Ethiopian prophet (12604 v 27500)
    የፕሮቴስታንት ቻናሎች እንደ አበቃላይ በ3 ፍሪኩየንሲዎች ይጠቃለላሉ፡ 10815, 11096, 10892 H 27500

    ★➒የህፃናት ቻናሎች በአረብኛ

    ☞ Kokky tv (11603 H 27500)
    ☞ Mickey (11258 H 27500)
    ☞ CN Arabiya (12418 H 27500)
    ☞ Peliskan (10873 v 27500)or (11137 H HD)
    ☞ Spacetoon (11785 v 27500)
    ☞ Mody kids (11258 H 27500)
    ☞ Majid Kids HD(12476 H 27500)
    ☞ Nour Kids (10892 H 27500)
    ☞ mbc 3 (11471 v 27500)
    ☞ Kurdmax pepule (12604 H 27500)
    ☞ Karameesh (11315 V 27500)

    ★➓ የምግብ ዝግጅት

    ☞ Samira Tv (12418 H 27500)
    ☞ Panorama Food (12341 H 27500)
    ☞ CBC sofra (11488 H 27500)
    ☞ Net Tv Kurd(12644 v 27500)

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  • Ethiopia exports coffee beans

    In Addis Ababa’s affluent Bole neighbourhood, the traditional smell of roasting coffee beans wafts through a thoroughly modern coffee shop. Garden of Coffee is agnostically decorated with large comfy couches and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the street, giving it the atmosphere of a coffee shop that could be anywhere in the world. Making it distinctively local is the woman spreading beans over an open roaster, in the slow circular movements of Ethiopia’s jebena buna coffee ceremony.



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  • Google AdSense ‘auto ads’ placement and monetization

    Google is today unveiling a new ad unit for AdSense that taps into the company’s big push to add more artificial intelligence into its business, and to potentially bring on more publishers who might consider ramping up their advertising efforts but don’t have the time or other resources to manage them.

    Google is debuting “Auto Ads” — not commercials for cars, but a new ad format that uses machine learning to “read” a page to detect and place what kinds of ads might be appropriate to place there, including where to place them, and how many to run. Publishers activate Auto Ads with a single line of code on the page.

    The service was actually quietly announced and launched in a limited beta September 2017, and now it is live for everyone. Google tells us that “publishers participating in the beta saw an average revenue lift of 10 percent with revenue increases ranging from five to 15 percent.”

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  • Microsoft gives up on Windows 10 Mobile

    Microsoft appears to have abandoned its smartphone operating system ambitions.

    The company's Windows 10 chief has tweeted that developing new features and hardware for the Mobile version of the OS was no longer a "focus".

    Joe Belfiore added that he had also switched to Android himself.

    Windows 10 Mobile tried to attract users by letting them run the same "universal apps" on both their PCs and handsets, but the concept failed to catch on.

    The OS accounted for just 0.03% of the global market - based on smartphone shipments - between April and June, according to research company IDC.

    The market intelligence provider said the news had been a long time coming.

    "There wasn't a wide range of devices running Windows 10 Mobile, so it wasn't attractive to retailers or operators," said IDC's Francisco Jeronimo.

    "And from a consumer perspective, the operating system didn't provide as good an experience as Android or iOS."

    Mr Belfiore began a series of tweets on Sunday by discussing the recent launch of a test version of Microsoft's Edge web browser for Android and iOS - the latest in a series of releases of its core software for rival mobile platforms.

    He then went on to respond to questions about whether there was any point sticking with Windows 10 Mobile.

    He said that while Microsoft would support the "many companies" that had adopted the platform, he had switched to Android for the diversity of its apps and hardware.

    "Of course we'll continue to support the platform... bug fixes, security updates, et cetera," he said.

    "But building new features or hardware is not the focus."


    Mr Belfiore posted Microsoft had tried "very hard" to incentivise other companies to release universal apps - even writing their software for them in some cases - but the number of users had been too low for most to bother.

    The announcement comes a week after HP had said it no longer planned to release further Windows 10 Mobile handsets, and a fortnight after Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates disclosed that he had already made the switch to Android.

    However, some manufacturers - including the UK's Wileyfox and Germany's TrekStor - had unveiled new models powered by Windows 10 Mobile as recently as last month.

    "Most Microsoft applications are now available and supported on other mobile operating systems," said Mr Jeronimo.

    "After Satya Nadella took over [as chief executive], that clearly became the strategy - and after that happened what incentive was there to buy a Windows-powered phone?"

    However, Microsoft may not have given up on powering smartphones altogether.

    Earlier this year, Windows Central reported the company was working on a new version of Windows 10 - codenamed Andromeda - that would run on all types of computer and make it possible for third-party apps to adapt without having to code a special "universal" version.

    It said the OS was due for release next year, but suggested the code would not be offered as an upgrade to existing Windows 10 Mobile devices.

    A spokeswoman for Microsoft was unable to provide further comment.


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  • Intel Just Introduced Its First Quantum Processor

    We all know very that Quantum computers have the power to revolutionize industries and areas of science, for example, in the area of Artificial Intelligence, making the process of operating neural networks faster or in biology, allowing to analyze in more detail small molecular structures. Now, Intel just introduced its first Quantum Processor.

    Intel Just Introduced Its First Quantum Processor

    The future of computing undoubtedly passes through the quantum computer. So far, research around quantum computers has proved quite promising and Intel has already realized the potential of this area.

    Last week, the market leader in the manufacture and marketing of chips and processors for computers announced that it is creating a quantum processor. So, now let’s explore all the details about this new quantum processor.

    The World of Qubits

    This is yet another major move by Intel, which shows that Intel is committed to being present in the future. This future will certainly not be far behind.

    Quantum computers have the power to revolutionize industries and areas of science, for example, in the area of Artificial Intelligence, making the process of operating neural networks faster or in biology, allowing to analyze in more detail small molecular structures.

    While normal computers encode information in bits, quantum computers use quantum bits, that is, Qubits, which take advantage of surprising quantum phenomena and can, therefore, be in 2 different states at the same time.

    The new Intel Quantum Processor

    This new Intel processor has 17 Qubits and proves to be quite promising. Thus, this is the first processor of the company since the 50 million dollar partnership with QuTech was announced. In addition, the processor has a special protection system that allows it to last longer.

    In fact, one of the main difficulties of computer scientists and physicists at this point in terms of the development of quantum computers is related to the life of the processor and to the isolation of the system.

    “The new design improves quality, thermal performance and reduces radio frequency interference” stated by the Jim Held, the Director of Technology Research at Intel.

    This move from Intel makes perfect sense since the tech giant Google, Microsoft and IBM have also publicly shown the results of their efforts in the field of quantum computing. Being one of the leading processor producers, Intel wants to ensure its influence in the future. However, this does not mean that the current processors will soon become obsolete.




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