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Technology News | Internet, Mobile, and Social Media News - Tech Talk with Solomon Season 8 Ep | Tal

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Technology News | Internet, Mobile, and Social Media News on  Tech Talk with Solomon talk show program Season 8 Ep | ebs tv


የሲዝን 8 መክፈቻ ፕሮግራም ስለ አፕልና የኤፍ ቢ አይ ፍጥጫ፣ ስለ አዲሱ የጋላክሲ ስልክ፣ ስለ ጉግል ትራንስሌት አማርኛን ማካተት፣ ስለፌስ ቡክ የሴኪዩሪቲ ስህተት፣ ስለ ኒው ዮርክ ከተማ የህዝብ ስልክ ቦታዎችን ወደ ነጻ የዋይ ፋይ ኢንተርኔት ስፍራነት መቀየር መጀምርና፣ ጄት ፓክ ስለተሰኘው አስደናቂ የበረራ ማሽን እነሆ
Season 8 opening show on EBS! In this episode, I will cover about Apple vs FBI, the new Galaxy smartphone, Google translate including Amharic, Facebook security flaw, New York city converting the old public phone systems into a free WiFi hotspot, Jetpack flying machine.


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