Photoshop: Perspective Technique For Awesome Composite Images!

When you are building a composite image, you have to ensure that each of the objects in your composite have a perspective that matches the image into which they are being placed. In this tutorial, we’re going to talk about how to find the horizon of your image and then how to find the vanishing point of objects you drag into your background and then how to line the objects up along the horizon and match the perspective of both the background image and the element dragged into the photo. We’re using two different cars for this example, but this technique works for people, buildings, animals, still life, and more. Once you know it, you’ll love it!

01:16 How to find the horizon line
03:00 Working with the image to draw the horizon line
05:40 Find the vanishing point of the car
07:30 Finding out where the car belongs in the background image
08:06 Resizing an object in perspective
09:27 Doing it all to a second car

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