Masters of Money Episode 3 - Karl Marx | Documentary


Masters of Money is a 2012 British documentary series produced by the BBC. It is presented by economist Stephanie Flanders, who was then the BBC economics editor. The Open University worked in partnership with the BBC to produce the series.

The series explores the lives of John Maynard Keynes, Friedrich Hayek, and Karl Marx, and their influence on modern economics. Keynes is known for Keynesian economics and as an early pioneer of macroeconomics, Hayek is part of the Austrian School of economics, and Marx is known for Communism and the theories that are collectively called Marxism. Flanders speculates how each would have reacted to the Great Recession, and what they would have proposed to resolve it.

The series consists of three episodes, each an hour long. The first episode, Keynes, premiered on 17 September 2012, the second episode, Hayek, on 24 September, and the third and final episode, Marx, on 1 October.

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