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Create the DOOM® Logo in Photoshop CC (HUGE TUTORIAL) | Educational

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Written Photoshop tutorial: http://bit.ly/doom-logo-photoshop

Download the font here: http://www.dafont.com/amazdoom.font
Exact texture I used: http://iddqd.ru/doom/textures/dhtp_23.07.2015/big/tekwall4.png
✅ Download the pyramid texture and the finished PSD here: http://tutvid.com/photoshop-tutorials/huge-tutorial-create-the-doom-logo-in-photoshop-cc/

BONUS: Check out a bunch of DOOM textures here: http://iddqd.ru/textures?find=Doom+Hi-Res+Texture+Pack&showfull=1

This is the deepest, most comprehensive tutorial out there for creating the official DOOM logo, the old logo, the retro logo, the one that we all know and love. The video is a long and complex video so I have this written guide to breeze through it quickly. If you need more detail, be sure to watch the video and I guarantee that you will learn more about Photoshop in this video than you ever have before. We’ll cover how to use 3D in Photoshop, splitting extrusions, adding complex textures, building depth, adding highlights, exporting masks, and dozens of other things. Check out the video and I hope you love it!


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