How to Make WhatsApp and FB Messenger Online All the time In Android

Make your FB and Whatsapp apps always active in your android mobile with the help of two possible ways that we have discussed right here with which you will always appear online on these giant social networks.

Facebook and Whatsapp are the best ever social networking media that has ever been created. There are also the mobile apps available for these networks. Almost every social network user on this network would be knowing that these apps has a feature that helps to tell your friends that whether you are available to chat or not. This message of whether you are active for the chat or not is conveyed by the mark of Online or Offline that you might be familiar with. If you have a tricky mind and want yourself to be shown as active or online always on these networks so that your friends may get fooled, then you will surely like to do that in real but you might be thinking about how you can do that. Here in this article you will come to know about the trick to make yourself always online on WhatsApp and FB Messenger. Just go through the following instructions to know how you can do that.


How to Make WhatsApp and FB Messenger Online All time In Android

#1 Using Screen Timeout

1.  First of all check that your mobile apps for WhatsApp or FB are up-to-date i.e you should have installed the latest version for these apps. This step is really important otherwise you won’t be able to make your accounts always online.

2. After that you need to enable by heading to Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number(Tap on build number 7-10 times and your developer options will get activated), and then in developer option click on the option Stay awake.




NOTE: This will never let the screen of your device to shut off and it will always remain lit unless you will switch it off through lock screen button on your device.

3. And that’s all, you are nearly done. Now you just have to switch your device network ON and then open your account on FB or WhatsApp. The time till the screen on your device remains active, you shall never go Offline. So keep your screen active and you will remain Online and once the screen is locked you will be shown Offline.


#2 Using Third Party App

Here you can use a cool third party app that will allow you to make your whatsapp and Facebook online. This app keeps your screen on when your device is running your GPS application, favorite remote control, playing a movie or slideshow. Perfect to keep your screen on without dimming for application development. Your screen will never go back to sleep until you want it to. So try this app.


The main thing behind this trick is that you have to make the screen of your device active and don’t let it go to sleep. The time till your screen is active, you will remain active on FB and WhatsApp. You can also do this up by using some apps that help you to let the screen of your device remain active. If you are an Android device user, then you can also use Stay Live app for your device that will make the screen of your device active for all the time.

Here in this article you have now learnt the trick of how you can make the WhatsApp and FB Messenger online for all the time. You people might be thinking that it would be not the greatest trick because you have to keep the screen of your device lit whole of the time, but guys this is the only way that can let you do that and further if we shall found any other trick for the same then we will provide you with that also. Till the time you just go and try this one and enjoy being Online.




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