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  • How to Have Google Glass Etiquette

    Google Glass is a form of wearable technology. It allows wearers to view information via a hands free, smartphone like format. It can be fun to use and wear but it can be confronting for people who know little about it or who wonder whether you're secretly filming them or taking their image. This article will help you to use good etiquette when wearing Google Glass, helping you to be both polite and respectful towards others in your line of view.

    1. Prepare to be noticed. There are only about 7,000 devices in the US and about 10,000 total in the rest of the world.[citation needed] You will get plenty of attention while wearing Google Glass because it's a novelty and a curiosity at this point in time. The novelty factor and desire to learn more about it makes it even more of a reason to be courteous to those curious about your new technology.
    2. If someone asks you about what you're wearing, be gracious. If you have time, explain to them what Google Glass is. No need to let them touch it, if you are not comfortable.
      • Cultivate a response for those who ask what Google Glass is. This will help make the interactions seamless and enjoyable.
    3. If you notice someone whispering to a friend about you, just smile. They are more curious than anything. Slightly acknowledging their presence will give everyone peace of mind. 




    Part 2 of 2: Glass Etiquette

    1. Ask for permission before taking photos or video. As with all smart devices, it's always common courtesy to ask before recording images or taking photos. When in public, always ask before you take photos or video. Treat it just like a phone camera.
    2. Use Google Glass to help yourself and others. For example, if a friend wants to know the score of the football game, ask Glass and save them the time of looking it up.
    3. Respect and acknowledge others while wearing Glass. Your Glass should be treated more as an assistant instead of a new friend. Do not neglect your social circles for sake of your new technology.
    4. Limit the times when you have the Glass' screen on. Having the screen on might cause people to think you are recording them. It also drains the battery faster.
    5. Know when to leave it at home. As cool and nice as Google Glass is, there are times it's just not appropriate to wear for safety or legal reasons. The following lists just some of the times to leave Glass at home:
        • Movie theaters (cinemas). Recording devices are illegal in movie theaters worldwide. Glass is considered a recording device, as it's not concealed and has a camera.
        • Casinos. Most casinos actually have a "No Glass Policy" when around the gambling tables. They claim it's to prevent cheating and fraud during gambling. It may be okay to wear Glass to casinos, but just keep your distance from the tables.
        • The "bad parts" of town. The majority of people you meet, whether wealthy or poor, will know what Glass is. Google does have insurance on Glass but it doesn't cover theft or loss, so if someone were to take them off your face and run away, you'd be out of luck.
        • Driving. Glass is an electronic device and is considered to be "distractive". For this reason, many states such as California, Nevada, and Washington are giving tickets to those who drive and wear Google Glass, whether it's switched on or not.
          • Some laws are in the process of being passed to remove the driving ban, since with some cars like the Tesla Model S, Glass will assist you with a speedometer, battery life, tire pressure, etc. You'll need to keep yourself updated on progress.
        • Bars. Most people have heard of the Molotov incident in San Francisco.[citation needed] So bars are probably not the place for Glass.
        • Social events when you risk appearing rude. You should not take Glass to large family gatherings or dinners out in public. It can be seen as rude.


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  • Make the Internet Safer for Your Kids In One Easy Step

    Kids and technology are not always a good combination, which is why we adults need to protect our gadgets from our kids. It works the other way too, though: Unrestricted, the Internet at large can be dangerous for young children to wander about freely. One site has given me great peace of mind as a parent: OpenDNS.

    If you’re not familiar with OpenDNS, this is how it works. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the technology that translates a computer or server’s address to a host name; in plain English, it allows you to type in “ehow.com,” for example, rather than the not-so-memorable IP address When you sign up for internet service, the ISP’s own DNS servers do the translating, but if you’re so inclined, you can also use free public DNS providers, such as Google Public DNS or OpenDNS.

    Choosing a different DNS provider can speed up your Internet browsing. In the case of OpenDNS, you also get more web filtering controls — perfect for protecting little ones from inappropriate content. Need more convincing? One in three school districts use OpenDNS.

    Because you set up OpenDNS in your router, it covers any device connected to your home network — your iPad or other tablets, smartphones and computers. It protects against phishing attacks and also provides weekly reports.

    To get started, head to OpenDNS’s parental controls page, where you can select a package. Among the free options, you can choose the Family Shield service, which automatically blocks adult content, or the OpenDNS Home package, which lets you customize the filtering and security settings (for example, block adult sites, gaming sites or social media sites).

    After creating an account, choose the web content filtering and security options for your home network.

    You’ll have to head to your router’s administration page to add OpenDNS servers’ IP addresses ( and, as the DNS servers (OpenDNS offers tutorials for different routers), but once you do that and configure your parental controls at OpenDNS.com, you’ve added an extra layer of security and monitoring to your network — for free.

    Other choices that protect your kids online include monitoring their social media accounts and using other parental control tools. Of course, staying safe online starts with you teaching kids proper netiquette. But OpenDNS is a powerful tool that gives you a lot of control over where your kids go online without making you feel too “Big Brother”-ish.

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  • How to Take a Screenshot on a Thinkpad

    The Thinkpad laptop computers have keyboards that will perform more  

    The Thinkpad laptop computers have keyboards that will perform more functions than just type up documents. One button on the Thinkpad keyboard is labeled "Prt Sc," which is short for "Print Screen." When you push this button, the computer creates a carbon copy image of what's on the screen. To save the image, however, you must use an image editor.

    Screenshot of Entire Screen

      • Visit the website or computer page of which you want to take a screenshot.
      • Press the "Print Screen" button. It may be labeled "Prt Sc," "PRTSC" or "PRTSCN."
      • Click the Windows orb. Type "Paint" in the white search bar and click on the "Paint" result under "Programs" to open Paint.
      • Click on the button labeled "Paste" in the top left corner of the screen. Click the blue "Paint" button in the top left corner of the screen, and click "Save." Find a location on the computer to save the screenshot and click "Save."

    Screenshot of Certain Screen

    • Open the screen that you want to take a screenshot of.
    • Hold "Alt" and push the "Print Screen" button.
    • Click the Windows orb. Type "Paint" into the search bar and click "Paint" under "Programs."
    • Click the "Paste" button to paste the screenshot. Click the blue "Paint" button and click "Save." Select a folder in the following menu that appears to store the image and click "Save."


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  • Advance Hair Masking In Photoshop

    In this tutorial I will be going though 2 different techniques to mask hair. The first will be applicable to all versions of Photoshop, while the second will only work with Photoshop CS5 and above.



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  • Tenorshare iPad Data Recovery [ iPad 4, Mini, 3, 2 ]

    Tenorshare iPad Data Recoveryis a professional iPad data rescue tool for iPad. This software provides 3 modes to retrieve lost iPad photos, contacts, notes, memos, SMS message, Contacts, Call History, Photos, Voice Memos, Reminders, SMS attachments, Safari bookmarks, Whatsapp data(message, photo, video), Tango and other 16 types of files without iTunes backup files. You can also restore lost data from iCloud backup. It will never overwrite the existing data on your iPad.

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