Addisalem Getaneh

Personal life Addisalem Getaneh was born in 1995 , Ethiopia. She was raised in the small village called Woliso which is 114 km away from the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. She is the second of her family, she has one big sister and four small brothers in their family members. She loves her father very much than anything in her lifetime.She lost her mother when she was 3 years old.As she explained ' her father is like mother and father -he is her everything",she is also crazy about her born village where her amblicalcord is buried ( Woliso). Career while she was in Woliso during her childhood her interest was to be muscian and she never thought to be a film actress.Starting in her late teens, she was performing in school . By the age of 17,Addisalem was determined to become Film actress and began her career while she was in Woliso. Addisalem currently lives in Addis Ababa and she is one of the youngest, beautiful and talented Ethiopian actress by this time and she is known for her appearances in films such as YE BAL GABCHA,ALMAZE,YEWEDEDU SEMON,TEMETALEHBEYE....... and she has already played morethan 10 films and dramas . Interest Addisalem's interests are writing poem,listeing music,watching movies. ================================//===============================