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Ethiopia Vacation Travel Video Guide | Documentary

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Travel video about destination Ethiopia.
Ethiopia is a mysterious, mountainous land in the Horn Of Africa and birthplace of Early Christianity. A country of rock churches in the north and a large variety of tribes along the Rift Valley in the south and the oldest civilised region in Africa with more than twenty five centuries of documented history. Addis Abeba is the capital of Ethiopia and within its centre is the lavishly furnished Menbere Selassie Church, final place of rest of Ethiopia’s last royal family. It contains the Empress Menen, two princes and Emperor Haile Selassie who, shortly after removal from power, died due to reasons that are in the main controversial. On many of its thirty seven islands, Lake Tana in Northern Ethiopia is well known for its ancient churches and monasteries. Dega Stefanos is located in the centre of the lake and contains one of the country’s most important monasteries. On the summit, framed by walls and hidden under great trees, is the Holy Stefanos Monastery and within a small sanctuary various mummies are preserved within glazed wooden coffins and the remains of five emperors of various dynasties lie at rest. Awash is a settlement on the edge of the nature park of the same name, inhabited by the Afar, a proud and independent tribe. On market day, people from the surrounding area meet here. For the Afar, life is hard and only the strong survive. Corn, tobacco, dates and cotton are the main trading products of this region. Dromedaries, sheep and goats are bred, and pastureland is often the subject of heated disputes. A journey through Ethiopia is also a journey through time itself. A land of rich traditions, religions and myths. A country of legends and contrast that possesses one of the most colourful histories on the African continent.





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