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 The former NASA space scientist Dr. Kitaw Ejigu's biography documentary

Kitaw Ejigu (February 25, 1948 - January 13, 2006) was an Ethiopian American scientist who worked for NASA as Chief of Spacecraft and Satellite Systems engineer. He was also a political leader.

Kitaw was born in Bonga, Kaffa, Ethiopia. He attended his secondary school study at the 27th High School in Jimma. After completing his highschool Kitaw joined Bahir Dar Polytechnic Institute, and in 1966, graduated as the top student in his class. He received his diploma in mechanical engineering with specialization in agricultural technology. After graduation, Kitaw worked at the Ethiopian Automotive Services and Sales Company (EASSCO) as chief technical advisor and assistant manager for two years.

In 1972, he won a scholarship from the Japanese Overseas Technical Association and traveled to Japan. There, Kitaw studied automotive engineering at Hiroshima University as well as language and economics at Osaka University. He later moved to the United States, where he began intensive research and training and earned an MBA in 1979. He then completed his doctorate in space vehicle systems engineering from Northrop University in California.
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